The Wonderful World of Video

Gray background image stating that 69% of all consumer internet traffic will consist of video by 2017

Made on Statistic from

Green background with hourglass watermark stating that By 2020, it will take a person over 5million years to watch all of the video on global networks

Created on Statistic from









The statistics in the images above are from Cisco, a US networking company.

Amazing and maybe just a little scary.

In the span of a few years, we have gone from waiting endlessly to accessing bits and pieces of information via a dial-up phone connection on America Online to streaming live video instantly to millions of viewers on a mobile phone apps like Periscope.

And the avalanche of videos is not ending there. In fact, I think that this is just beginning.

Let’s think about why the popularity and use of videos on websites is skyrocketing

According to  the Guardian and Sleepless Media,

  1. Video satisfies the information and entertainment needs of the viewers immediately. Instant gratification
  2. Video is naturally engaging for viewers. The more interested a viewer becomes, the longer they stay on a site.
  3. Video is interactive and informative. It is easy to create, share and edit through social media and mobile apps
  4.  Video conveys emotion and tome that do not come across in text
  5. Video has unlimited reach and potential. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine on the Internet. Only Facebook tops that!
  6. Even your Google ranking improves with t he use of videos. It  good for on-line business
Does the use of video have its limits on the web?


  • Video links are often broken and must be checked regularly if you plan to use a clip at a different time
  • Depending on the speed of your internet connection, videos can have slow load times, making viewers eager to move on to a different site.
  • Not all videos play on all media devices. For example, Apple products do not support Flash.
How can you use videos in the classroom?

Here are a few ideas, as suggested by the National Teacher Training Institute from

  • Virtual field trips. This year, I took my students on a virtual trip through Native American history and had a cool Skype session with some awesome historians too.
  • Illustrate concepts in 3D like how blood pumps through the heart.
  • Show experiments that can’t be completed in class

This video shows a few more suggestions


My preference?

I am a visual learner. I learn much faster and completely when I can see how to do something instead of just read about it or listen to someone describe it. To learn how to add closed caption to a YouTube video that i made, I did not look up step by step directions a, I Googled a How-to video and understood the process in 3.5 minutes. Done. I could pause, stop. rewind or replay the video as many times as I needed. I bookmarked the video in my favorites so that I could access it again anytime.  The availability of video makes my life easier and learning more interesting.


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