Keep Calm and Code on

To gain some experience with coding in HTML format, I created  a Remix project using Mozilla’s Thimble Editor I have also included a screen capture of the image below:

I have heard of coding, but I have had absolutely no experience with it before this assignment.

So, for my remix, I choose the Keep Calm tutorial and decided to create a fun meme instead of something for my classroom.  My students have multiple handicaps and are non-readers. This poster would not be meaningful to them, but I had so much fun creating it.

One of my favorite TV shows is Supernatural. The fan appointed theme song is Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. I found a licensed image of one of the show’s logos. I added the additional text and made the bottom italicized. I also changed the colors, sizing and background. Finally I added alt text.

Now that I have learned a bit about coding, I love it.

It is amazing how all of those lines of code come together instantaneously to create a cohesive web page.  This assignment was extremely helpful to me. I never realized just how much work goes into creating a simple page from scratch.  After using programs like Word Press or Weebly, the idea of starting from a blank space was an eye-opening experience. No templates. No dashboards. No menus. The user has to know the digital vocabulary for every  line, image and link.

I can definitely see how the idea of coding would be beneficial in most classrooms. It teaches the importance of concentrating on the creative process over the finished product. That is a hard concept to teach. A basic introduction to coding also shows the user the amount of work, time and knowledge that is required to create a even the simplest of webpages.